Happy Vaisakhi 2020

Religious Festival Vaisakhi

Happy Vaisakhi 2020 | Baisakhi

This is Religious festival celebrated on April 13 -14 every year. Vaisakhi marks the Sikh new year and commemorates the Khalsa Panth of warriors under Guru Gobind Singh. Hence which was Formed in 1699 in Anandpur Sahib  Punjab India.

Baisakhi is a Sikh Festival

The festival is inline with marking the Solar New Year and celebrating the spring harve .Both celebrated by all Panjab & Indian’s worldwide.

Wishing all a Happy Vaisakhi – Baisakhi from us at Raw Echoes and the Original Dj Sukh -h

happy vaisakhi 2020
Festival – Harvest – Singh -DJ