City Pavilion Manhattan Suite

City Pavilion Indian Wedding – Indian, Asian Wedding DJ

The City Pavilion: Your Premier Romford Wedding Venue

Are you envisioning a wedding that combines elegance, tradition, and modern flair? Look no further than The City Pavilion in Romford, Essex. Here’s why we’re the top choice for Asian couples. It has the popular Manhattan suite, Millennium Suite and Pavilion Suite.

Book UK Top Punjabi, Indian DJs for City Pavillion

  1. Luxury Suites for Every Occasion:
    • Manhattan Suite: Intimate gatherings in a chic setting.
    • Millennium Suite: East London’s largest luxury venue, accommodating up to 1200 guests.
    • Pavilion Suite: Tailored for all-day Indian weddings.
  2. In-House Services:
    • Indian Catering: Our expert chefs create mouthwatering menus.
    • Decor: Transform your vision into reality with customizable options.
  3. Lighting and Atmosphere:
    • Our venue offers versatile lighting setups, from romantic to celebratory.
    • The Giant LED Screen adds a modern touch from Raw Echoes Event AV
  4. Expert DJs: Raw Echoes Entertainment & Dj Raajh
    • Our professional Indian Wedding DJs curate playlists that keep the dance floor alive.
    • Asian DJs blend cultural beats seamlessly.
  5. Testimonials Speak Volumes:
    • “Excellent food, decor, and service.”
    • “Perfect atmosphere.”
    • “Stunning venue!”
    • “Great DJs”

Book Your Dream Asian Wedding DJs and explore our offerings and secure your date. Let’s make your wedding unforgettable!

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