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Indian Harvest Festival of Lohri & Bhangra DJs in UK
The Indian Harvest Festival is celebrated with Semisolid sugar cane juice drying in another pan for preparation sweets
Lohri is traditionally associated with the Harvest and New Beginnings. The traditional time to harvest sugarcane crops is January. Lohri is a harvest festival and new beginnings. Sugarcane as Gurh are important to harvest celebrations
Lohri and the new start. Indian Jatt Farmers on the day after Lohri start the financial new year. It is a very important day. All Indian farmers and married couples celebrate as such. Punjabi Boliyan are sang to dance too.

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Experienced Bhangra DJ

If you are Having a Lohri Party in west London (Southall & Slough).Even in Wolverhampton, Birmingham and surrounding counties have a Punjabi community. A get-together or a Party is usually arranged for the celebration with a Bhangra Dj . Playing Indian Bhangra  music with traditional Panjabi Dance and Guest singing Boliyan. Bhangra dancing with Indian Main Course Freshly made Curry and Dishes such as Spicy Spinach and Roti is a Must. A lot of Dancing and Bhangra Songs are arranged and sung live by Punjabi ladies and guys.

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Lohri Song Playlist

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