Raw Echoes offer Indian Wedding & Event Support Team. Bhangra & Bollywood wedding DJs. Asian Party DJ.

Indian wedding Djs | Asian Wedding DJs | Event AV Team

Firstly we offer Award-Winning Entertainment Service with Indian Wedding DJ. Above all providing Indian & Asian wedding DJs in West London & Wolverhampton, West Midlands. Thus now offering a Nationwide Service for Indian DJs in the UK. Importantly offering Panjabi Bhangra DJ & Hindi Bollywood DJs. Also have been Rocking parties Worldwide since 1987. In addition to the best packages, we provide Big LED Screen Hire for Indian Wedding & Dance floor. Along with Top Level Bhangra & Bollywood DJ Sukh for Luxury Asian Weddings. Finally one of The best Bhangra DJ’s with a Continuous 4000-watt Grounshaking Sound System. Hence The Raw Echoes, no harsh frequencies.

“True Professional team with a No Alcohol Policy before or during Performance”

Premium service approved for Top Event Venues & 5 Taara Wedding Hotels.

Event Production Management – Led Screen Wall – Event Lighting – Theming Backdrop Stage