LED Screen Hire

Led Screen Video Wall

 Raw Echoes we are able to offer a range of LED Screen Hire options. Led Video wall technology will create the most unique Visual Entertainment. We have a reputation for providing some of the most inspiring visual displays you will ever see on a Led Screen hire.  Anyone of which can be present at your Awards or Corporate event. Screens for indoor or outdoor events, through to video walls to transform any venue. AV team with skilled technicians will install and dismantle the visual Video screen equipment.

Renowned for audiovisual display technology Raw Echoes Video Team can provide anything from Giant Led screens for hire.  Video walls, vision blocks, Led bars, plasma screens to Short throw rear projections screens. All the audiovisual units will be installed and dismantled at your chosen venue by our trained and qualified technicians. LED Screen be can arranged with a custom stage set and with a led dance floor.

The LED screen has a pitch from an HD 4mm or 6mm.  A curved 2.9mm pitch led screen. 8m x 3m. Since 2014 we have been supplying a 2mm pixel pitch.  2k-4k resolutions available.

Set up Options

A direct feed from your video camera to create the perfect audiovisual display. A visual engineer will monitor what is being projected. This is will get your message across. It can entertain your guest with extravagant with effects throughout the function.

Offering Popular sized Screens Set up on the Floor, Hanging Truss Stands or with additional heavy Stage Platform to raise the screen. Then be ready to be used with laptops/Multi-Media inputs including 4k.

Advance Video Engineer system Option available to control your Led Visual Display. Who can be nearby to advise or show preview playback?  (Live engineer charged by the hour )

A 50% deposit will be required to confirm our services. and balance to be cleared by midday on function date or before setting up.


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