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If you are planning an Asian wedding in the UK, you might be wondering how to choose the best DJ for your event. After all, music is one of the most important elements that can make or break your celebration. You want a DJ who can cater to your musical preferences, create a nice atmosphere and keep your guests entertained.

That’s why we recommend DJ Raajh, one of the top Asian wedding DJs in the UK. DJ Raajh has over 20 years of experience in London and the West Midlands. He can play any genre of music, whether it’s Bollywood, Panjabi Bhangra, Western or any other. A skilled MC who can guide your guests through the different parts of your event and interact with them in a engaging way.


You can also count on team to provide additional audio and visual equipment, such as sound systems, lighting and LED screens. He delivers high-quality sound and clarity with the latest digital DJ technology. He also creates a fantastic atmosphere with stunning lighting effects and LED screen displays.

In addition to his professional skills, DJ Raajh also offers a personalised Asian Wedding DJ service. Working closely with you, he understands your needs and creates a customised solution that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations. He listens to your musical preferences and creates a playlist that reflects your personality and style. Furthermore, he coordinates with you to understand your event’s schedule and ensure that the music is timed perfectly.

As a part of the Raw Echoes Entertainment team, DJ Raajh can also suited for a range of services for events of all sizes. Be it a corporate events, weddings, music festivals. Raw Echoes Entertainment is one of the leading Indian music and Asian wedding DJs in the UK. They also offer event production services, such as event design and planning, video production and live streaming.

DJ Raajh has a reputation for excellence and professionalism. He has received many positive feedbacks from his clients who praised his skills, helpfulness and friendliness. You can read some of his testimonials on his website or on his social media pages. Also been featured in various media outlets and publications as one of the best Asian wedding DJs in the UK.