DJ Sukh h: The Pioneer of Mixing Indian Music with British Rave Scene

Explore the Legacy of DJ Sukhh – The First to Mix Jungle and Bhangra Music in the UK Rave Scene

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Raajh Singh, known as DJ Sukhh, is a legendary Indian Dance music DJ in the UK. He was the first. the orginal DJ to mix jungle music, drum and bass with bhangra and Bollywood songs in the early 90s. Hence the heydays of the British rave scene. His unique style and innovative approach to music helped him carve a niche for himself in the UK’s dance music scene and he still is considered one of the most influential DJs of his generation. Panjabi Indian club music was injected with his fast paces LIVE mixing.

His career began in the early 90s when he started experimenting with different genres of music. He was fascinated by the high-energy beats of the British rave scene, but he also had a deep love for Indian music. So he started mixing jungle music, drum and bass with bhangra and Bollywood songs. Creating a sound that was truly unique live at events.. He soon became known for his innovative approach to music, and his sets became highly sought after DJ in the UK’s dance music scene.

Panjabi Bhangra with Drum and the Bass ! 1996

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The big break came when he was invited to play in the Main Room at the Ministry of Sound. Basically UK’s most famous superclubs. Playing along the top Jungle DJs and MCs. This was a defining moment in his career, and it helped him gain a wider audience. He went on to play at various big warehouse parties, festivals, proper raves and club events, including the Notting Hill Carnival, which is one of the biggest street festivals in the world.

DJ Sukhh’s sets were characterised by his ability to blend different genres of music seamlessly. His unique style was a perfect reflection of the multiculturalism of the UK, and helped him connect with audiences from all walks of life. His music was a celebration of diversity, and it inspired a generation of DJs who followed in his footsteps.

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Today, he is considered a trendsetter in the UK’s Bhangra music scene. His innovative approach to music helped him pave the way for a new generation of DJs. Alos his influence can still be felt today. Helping to inspire young musicians and DJs with his passion for music, and his legacy will always be remembered as a true pioneer of the UK’s dance music scene.

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