British Bollywood DJs

Absolutely! Let’s turn up the volume and dive into the vibrant world of Indian Bollywood DJs and the sensational Raw Echoes Entertainment.

British Bollywood DJs: Spinning Melodies and Setting the Dance Floor Ablaze


British Bollywood music transcends borders, igniting passion and rhythm across the globe. Behind the pulsating beats and infectious tunes are the unsung heroes—the Bollywood DJs. These maestros blend tradition with innovation, seamlessly transitioning from classic melodies to contemporary remixes. Let’s spotlight the best in the business.

Meet the Masters | British Bollywood DJs

1. DJ Raajh

  • Genre: Bhangra, Fusion, Bollywood
  • Signature Style: Infectious energy, seamless transitions
  • Notable Events: Clubs, Asian weddings
  • Contact: +44 (0)7940 084117 

2. Raw Echoes Entertainment | Bollywood Weddings

  • Expertise: British Indian and Asian wedding DJs
  • Services: LED screen hire, Lighting, PA sound system
  • Coverage: Nationwide (West London & West Midlands bases)
  • ContactRaw Echoes Entertainment

3. DJ Sukhh (DJ Sukh)

  • Legacy: The first to mix jungle music with bhangra in the UK
  • Influence: Considered one of the most influential DJs of his generation
  • Career Highlights: Ministry of Sound, Notting Hill Carnival, warehouse parties
  • Musical Fusion: Blending Panjabi Bhangra with Drum and Bass
  • Impact: A true pioneer who inspired a new generation of DJs 

Generally DJ Sukhh’s passion for music continues to inspire young musicians and DJs. His legacy resonates through the beats he crafted, celebrating diversity and uniting hearts on dance floors.

Whether it’s the electrifying Raw Echoes, the dynamic DJ Raajh, or the trailblasing DJ Sukhh, each of these artists brings their magic to the turntables.

Why Raw Echoes Entertainment?

  • Experience: Raw Echoes boasts extensive experience across venues nationwide.
  • Customisation: They tailor their services to your preferences, ensuring a personalized experience.
  • Feedback: Guests consistently rave about their performances.
  • Transformative Lighting: Raw Echoes can magically transform any venue with their lighting expertise.

Whether it’s a grand wedding reception or an intimate celebration, Raw Echoes Entertainment knows how to set the stage on fire.