Wedding Cakes for Indian Weddings | Cake Cutting

The main purpose of the wedding cake cutting is to celebrate a couple’s relationship, as well as their marriage, and to mark the beginning of a new chapter in the life of a couple. Thereafter the Cake cutting will be announced by the Indian DJ, and the couple’s family will be invited to join them for this special occasion.

There are four basic elements that make up the cake: rose, white, gold, and vanilla. The rose represents fertility and gives a warm feeling to the cake. White represents luck and can be used to inspire the cake to come into its final form. Gold and vanilla can also symbolize prosperity and a wedding day. The vanilla cake is the perfect wedding cake for a bride. It is an easy to decorate cake and very unique to the bride’s taste. You can use this cake for any special event such as a bridal shower, a special anniversary, a wedding ceremony, or any other Asian wedding.

Wedding Cakes for Asian Weddings | Cake Cutting

A contemporary wedding cake can be made in only one step. The cake itself is baked in a single oven, ready to be served in an hour or two. During that time, it will soften and harden. This happens on the way to the table and after the wedding ceremony.