Crowne Plaza Hotel

Crowne Plaza Hotel | Indian & Asian Wedding DJ | Led Screen hire

Crowne Plaza Asian wedding

Looking for a venue for your Indian or Asian wedding? Crowne Plaza Hotel is a great choice! They have multiple locations across the UK, including London, Solihull, Marlow, Heathrow, Gerrards Cross, Gatwick, Stratford Upon Avon and Birmingham, Nottingham.

Raw Echoes has performed and provided audio-visual services at these venues and highly recommends them. Some Crowne Plaza locations offer contemporary and unique event spaces with stunning gardens, perfect for all-day wedding celebrations. These spaces can be partitioned for separate guest areas and light entertainment sections.

Partitioned Event Spaces for Separate Guest Areas | Contemporary Event Spaces with Gardens

To enhance the ambiance of your event, Raw Echoes Entertainment provides LED screen hire, mood lighting, and the best music experience for your Indian or Asian wedding. Choose Crowne Plaza Hotel for an unforgettable wedding experience!

Indian & Asian Wedding DJ | LED Screen Hire | Mood lighting