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SINCE 1987

Top international Dj Punjab India

So you have a Indian or Asian wedding coming up.  Top Punjab DJ for India. Have you arranged the evening entertainment yet?

Have been tasked with organising a corporate evening with an Indian – Bollywood theme and you are stuck?

Well look no further than Uk’s  International  DJ Sukh, one of the best Multi Award winning DJ’s available for Indian and Sikh weddings  Worldwide.

Sukh musical journey began playing Vinyl Records on the Technics 1210, CD90 Tapes, CD’s and now the compact age of Music in Digital Format ie MP3 wav options.His natural talent didn’t go unnoticed as he was awarded the Best new comer DJ back in the early 90’s at the Superclub Le Palais in Hammersmith.

DJ Sukh has been involved in the DJ and the Audio Visual industry since 1987, since that time he has built up an enormous amount of experience and knowledge. DJ Sukh can offer you not just his awesome talent as a Bhangra,Bollywood DJ but also a visual twist to any occasion with the use of lighting and special effects. He has was a received award in 2015 from a Major USA  mainstream company who showcase talent and 2 awards in 2016 from British Business magazines 1 was for international excellence award. Mixmaster Sukh has been mixing Indian and UK Bhangra music, Hindi (Bollywood) and club music, you can be sure Your musical tastes will be catered for on request.

By choosing to hire DJ Sukh, you will definitely bring the big WOW factor to any special event you are planning.  Guests will be blown away by the quality of any night you decide to put on if it includes such awe-inspiring DJ talent.
Whatever your needs, whether it is for a banging Bhangra style wedding, Bollywood themed night or a charity event with an Indian Asian flavour we are sure you won’t find any better entertainment than DJ Sukh from the Raw Echoes team in London.

If you are looking to dazzle your guests with a Big Asian wedding Nightclub reception that a famous celebrity would be proud off. Book only the First and Original  Multi Award winning since 1987. Book Raw Echoes who have vast experience in International DJ Bookings and Package Deals.

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