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Old School Bhangra Hits

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The best era for old school bhangra hits  DJ songs.

Having just started to listen to bhangra music on tapes in the early 80’s. These were mainly the big bhangra hits looking back now and belonged to my father and he kept them near the hi-fi and in the car. All original tapes from Gurdass Mann and Bhujhangy.  I was hooked on the fast Indian dhol drum beats. The energy behind the singing and the modern basslines. Slowly I started to buy a few records and more original tapes. The first band I saw live was Bhujhangy Group who performed in Southall at a wedding.These are the Real Legends back in the days with they 70’s & 80’s.



1980’s till late 1990’s was definitely the best years for Indian, panjabi bhangra songs. The uk bands were releasing hit after hit as well as the legends from India. Punjabi Bands &  singers in this golden area were Apna Sangeet, Golden star & Malkit Singh, Safri, As Kang.  Dippa Satrang, Gurdass mann, Shaktee, b21, Bally Jagpal, Holle Holle, Kalapreet, Azaad group, Heera, Daljit Mattu had a big hit.  Panjabi mc was running things. Pardesi music machine was a hit machine! Pump up the bhangra fusion was a massive big hit. Achanak were brilliant live band. Sahotas were on a different level with they basslines. Family favourites were Heera group with Deepak and Premi were very popular worldwide.  A FEW MORE NAMES WILL BE ADDED SOON ๐Ÿ™‚

I started dj ing in the late 80 approx  86/87. It was  good time to teach myself the art of dj’ ing and entertainment, I didn’t know any DJs so just mixed in the bedroom. Since then I have never looked back have played at most popular nightclubs in UK and Bhangra gigs.

Promoters were booking me as I mixed Vinyl records with bhangra hits (big bangra hits) for the then young Crowd like they not heard it before. It was not unusual to do the whole Bhangra Gig night!.

A BIG THANK YOU to all that have supported me over the Years. All the Clubbers & Staff at the Venues.

Bhangra Gig Clubs.

Superclub was Le Palais in Hammersmith and The Ministry of sound M.O.S. School disco at Villiers high school & Lampton school gigs. REMEMBER THAT ONE DJs. Turnmills, South bank Uni, Hummingbird Birmingham, Kudos Club, Roxy’s, Sheffield, The Dome Birmingham. Krystal’s in  Leicester, Peppers in Watford and Crown conference, W1 square bar, The Wag club, SW1 Club, Equinox Club Leicester Square and many more.

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