Pure Vegetarian Sikh wedding catering

Pure Vegetarian Sikh wedding catering.

There are a few Sikh weddings in uk who’s guest are vegetarian. We all have someone in the family who is a strict vegetarian. To cater for this we have the perfect Indian wedding catering team who understand the culture being Indian themselves. The Panjabi Head chef & staff understand the reason for being a vegetarian, as do the waiters. A lot of Asian wedding have  a few traditional veggie starters and main course is served with Daal and Shabjee. Panjabi  main dishes are mildly spicy and best served sizzling hot.

To book a Sikh wedding caterers  . Contact us and we can provide this for you with our niche decor and Top Indian wedding DJ Sukh

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Pure Vegetarian Sikh wedding catering

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