Softly Karan Aujla Remix

Bhangra Beats: DJ Raajh. Unleash the Energy on Student Nights

Welcome to the electrifying world of DJ Raajh! In this live set recording, DJ Raajh takes you on a musical journey with his garage mix of “Softly” by the talented artist Karan Aujla. Groove as beats collide, and creativity flows.

Punjabi Garage REmix:

  • Live Set Recording: DJ Raajh spins magic, capturing the energy.
  • Garage Mix: Soulful vibes meet urban beats.
  • Karan Aujla Lyrics: Dive into poetic worlds.
  • Creative Mashup: Innovative side showcased.
  • Live Mixing: Witness seamless transitions.

DJ Raajh, a genre-blending pioneer, resonates from London to Birmingham

Disclaimer: This video is for entertainment purposes only. All rights to the original song “Softly” by Karan Aujla belong to the respective artists and record labels.

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