Punjabi Bhangra Wedding DJ for Europe, Denmark, Spain, Holland, Germany & Portugal

Basically we offer Punjabi Bhangra Wedding DJ in Europe, including Denmark, Spain, Holland, Germany & Portugal. Raw echoes have Punjabi & Bhangra Wedding DJs for worldwide Indian weddings. Providing service for Denmark, Spain, Germany, Holland (Netherlands) & Portugal. We will Travel to most cities in Europe with DJ. European couples that want us to bring The UK style Raw Echoes Roadshow to their wedding reception.

ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਭੰਗੜਾ ਵਿਆਹ ਡੀ.ਜੇ | Indisk Punjabi Bhangra bryllup DJ | DJ Indiano per matrimoni Punjabi Bhangra

Also our Bhangra DJ RAAJH and Bollywood DJs are suited for wedding & corporate events. We specialise in Indian weddings. DJ has experience in traditional Indian or Asian wedding and will create a  mix with local music if requested before hand. The DJ/ MC will play Punjabi DJ songs and Indian Bollywood songs. He can also Host and make announcements when requested. Music to get the guest dancing at the wedding reception, party or club event. Book Bhangra DJ RAAJH for your party in European Cities.

Europe Indian wedding service | Bhangra & Bollywood Mixmaster DJ | 

  • Costa Del Sol, Spain | Indian Wedding 
  • French Riviera | Bollywood DJ
  • Denmark – Copenhagen | Indian Punjabi Wedding 
  • Netherlands – Amsterdam | Indian Weddings 
  • Germany | Panjabi Style DJ
  • France – Paris 
  • Belgium | Punjabi Bhangra bruiloft DJ
  • Lisbon Portugal | Indian Wedding 
  • Italy | Bollywood Indian DJs
  • Istanbul

Panjabi Indian Bollywood DJ | DESTINATION WEDDING EUROPE | ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਭੰਗੜਾ ਵਿਆਹ ਡੀ.ਜੇ | शादी का डीजे

Here’s how you say “wedding” in various European languages:

  1. Boda (Spanish) : DJ Indio británico de Bhangra y Bollywood para bodas, discotecas y fiestas corporativas
  2. Bruiloft (Dutch) : Brits-Indische Bhangra & Bollywood DJ voor bruiloften, clubs en bedrijfsfeesten
  3. Bryllup (Danish & Norwegian) :Britisk indisk Bhangra & Bollywood DJ til bryllupper, klubber og firmafester
  4. Casamento (Portuguese): DJ indiano britânico de Bhangra e Bollywood para casamentos, clubes e festas corporativas
  5. Esküvő (Hungarian)
  6. Finnish (Häät)
  7. French (Mariage) :DJ indien britannique Bhangra et Bollywood pour mariages, clubs et fêtes d’entreprise
  8. German (Hochzeit): Britisch-indischer Bhangra- und Bollywood-DJ für Hochzeiten, Clubs und Firmenfeiern
  9. Greek (Γάμος – Gamos) : Βρετανός Ινδός Bhangra & Bollywood DJ για γάμους, κλαμπ και Corprate party
  10. Italian (Matrimonio) : DJ britannico indiano Bhangra e Bollywood per matrimoni, club e feste aziendali
  11. Polish (Ślub) : Brytyjski indyjski DJ Bhangra i Bollywood na wesela, kluby i imprezy firmowe
  12. Romanian (Nuntă): British Indian Bhangra & Bollywood DJ pentru nunți, cluburi și petreceri corporative
  13. Russian (Свадьба – Svadba): Британский индийский диджей Бхангра и Болливуда на свадьбах, клубах и корпоративных вечеринках
  14. Swedish (Bröllop): Brittisk indisk Bhangra & Bollywood DJ för bröllop, klubbar och företagsfester
  15. Turkish (Düğün): Düğünler, kulüpler ve Kurumsal partiler için İngiliz Hint Bhangra ve Bollywood DJ’i
  16. Ukrainian (Весілля – Vesillia)
  17. Croatian (Vjenčanje): Britanski indijski Bhangra & Bollywood DJ za vjenčanja, klubove i korporativne zabave

Only Option or Full Entertainment  Packages. Offering our services to celebrate your wedding in Spain, Po@:rtugal, France, Italy, Denmark and Germany

Please have this information ready or send when requesting a quote

  • Date of Wedding: [Please provide the specific date]
  • Duration Needed: [Specify if you need our services for one or more days/Hours per day]
  • Number of Guests: [Indicate the estimated number of guests]
  • Venue Details:
    • Venue Name: [Name of the venue]
    • Location: [City or region where the venue is situated]
    • Existing Lighting and Sound System: [Let us know if the venue already has sufficient lighting and sound equipment]

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