Novastar VX6S Led Screen UK England London Birmingham

Novastar VX6S Led Screen Controller – Scaler | Buy Led Screen in UK

The Vx6s is a all in one Led Screen Video Controller with video processing & scaling capabilities. 2 x HDMI inputs, 2 x 3g SDI inputs 2 x DVI. DVI loop out to monitor video output. A USB stick Playback mode.

The sending card has 6 Gigabit Ethernet sending outputs to a max 3.9 million pixels

Novastar VX6s led screen Controller VX6s-2022 4k
Novastar VX6S Led Screen UK England London Birmingham

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The Quickest way to set up a led screen Set up your simple led screen without a led software. Buy the VX6s led screen processor from us

Video output has a maximum loading capacity of 3.9 million pixels.

There are seven input connectors: two 3G-SDI, two HDMI1.3, two DVI, and one USB.

Supports three layers and one OSD.

Quick and complex screen configurations are supported.

By pressing simply the TAKE button in switcher mode, the PVW is switched to PGM.

In switcher mode, PGM preview is supported.

Adjustment of input resolutions and backup of input source are supported.

Adjusts the brightness of the screen loaded by the VX6s.

Cascaded VX6s units are possible.

Scales the image to fill the entire screen automatically.

The maximum width of video output is 4096 pixels.

There may be a total of 16 user presets made and stored as templates. The templates are simple to use and handy.

To achieve vertical synchronisation of output, any HDMI or DVI input source can be utilised as the synchronisation signal.

The front panel has an intuitive OLED screen and clear button indicator lights, simplifying system management and operation.

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