Moving Head Light Service London & West Midlands

Moving Head Light Service London & West Midlands.

We offer a Moving Head Light Service in Greater London & West Midlands. Our engineer will service and clean your Beam or Spot moving head disco lights. During inspection we will also provide free report if any additional work is required or recommended to prolong the life of your lights. We service Robe, Martin and Clay Paky Sharpy lights.The lighting team can also arrange the special service or repair of the Unknown/ Generic  Chinese 2r/  5r / 7r beam moving heads or the led beam moving head lights.

“Please note we do not do PCB Board repairs”but only replace if supplied or new genuine ones supplied through us.

Warranty possible if genuine parts supplied by us and not from ebay.

Collection can be arranged for removed lights or on site service is possible for nightclubs in Greater London,Birmingham Wolverhampton Coventry Leicester. Min fee applies for collection of Removed Lights.

Robe, Clay Paky, Briteq, Martin, 5r, 7 r. Moving head Lights service. Nightclub Lighting service. Nightclub Lighting Maintenance Avaiable.

Call During weekdays   07940 084117