Led Video Wall Event Production

Led Video Wall Event Rental

A Church in London required a Giant Led wall to be the Main backdrop for they event. So a Led Video Screen was hired with Live production team. Clients Led screen hire  requirement  was for a Image Logos with MP4/Mov Video Files option on to the screens. Full weekend for gathering Held in Autumn 2019. HD video files were going to be last minute and were going to be provided by the sponsors. It had to be HD 8m x 3m high! HD image for 2k/4k possible

Led Screen was to be split into 3 images or screens. 1 full day set up time  was allocated production manager, as a stage had to be installed. Venue height was restricted near the stage area

All of the fine-tuning and  Live test run was done on day 2 with gospel singers. Light Show and screen Visual was programmed at same time for each performances  with a  Led Video Wall & Event Production


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