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Bollywood and music just go hand-in-hand all the time. Mumbai- the Entertainment Capital of India, has repeatedly enthralled the music lovers from all across the globe with its hypnotic spread music genres. Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. The Nightlife of Mumbai adds to the ‘oomph’ factor to make the burgeoning crowd to groove to its music all night long. The Indian Dance Music is reason for the DJ culture to have revolutionised the music industry in India. Predominantly, the mainstream Bollywood music industry of Mumbai cannot stop being boastful about the best DJs’ making the crowd groove to their beats in clubs, parties, and events. UK’s Top International Dj Sukh is amongst the best to Rock any Club Night or Private event.

Learn a bit more about the Equipment a Top  professional DJ uses.

If you are being invited to a DJ night party at a club or event, you must put your dancing shoes on. A dedicated dance floor is cannot be missed where a DJ is the middle  playing his music. The sparking effect of modern Bollywood and Punjabi Bhangra numbers captured by a Professional DJ is enchanting to the crowd.

This is the platform that a DJ uses to mix music playing in Phonograph records. Bollywood DJ live mixing the songs from old Bollywood numbers and a modern Hindi track and spicing it up with frequent juggling and scratching of the rhythms and beats. This gives the music an entire new identity and dimension which is definitely ‘music to the ears’ of the crowd.

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With the help of an audio mixing tool, a DJ can give that uniqueness and alluring effect to an existing track. Thus pull a large audience on the dance floor. That’s what a DJ mixer does. It is a mixing console that helps the DJ maneuver the audio signals to create a new beat or rhythm with the existing number. You must have observed a DJ wearing a pair of headphones (always). Well, these headphones are a part of the DJ Mixer which allows the DJ to know the next track beforehand and that, in turn, helps him design the beats well in advance.

A song or track remix is majorly made famous by DJs in the industry. The Bollywood DJ remix culture is being applied by DJs all around the world, for Bollywood numbers have a huge fan following amongst the foreign crowd as well.

Whether it is a Bollywood themed party, a wedding event, or an outdoor festival, hiring a DJ company is quite a norm these days. Due to this DJ culture that has taken the music industry by storm. India has offered some of the best Bollywood DJs in the world. Also several honorable championships like Red Bull 3Style and DMC World DJ Championship.  Making  Indian DJs to up their game and create a niche for themselves in this music industry.

Worldwide International Indian DJ

Multi award winning in 2015 from a Major USA  mainstream company who showcase talent and 2 awards in 2015 & 2016, 2017 & 1 in 2018,2019,2020 from British Business magazines 1 was for International excellence award from India in Delhi.  A group where there are 3-20 man big teams competing for this single award. 2 more industry regulations stamps have added for the Year 2017.

A few International Accolades have also been received in the year 2018!DJ Sukh has been mixing Indian and UK Bhangra music since 1987. Book only the First and Original  Multi Award winning from Raw Echoes Ltd. UK

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★★★★★ A Genuine top Asian wedding DJ and keep the dance floor Moving. His so versatile with his musical mixing style… His mix of Top Bhangra Songs for the Family and our guest. He raised the roof! 5 Taara mad mix
top man and a professional. see you soon. Thanks


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