Indian Wedding DJ available for The Willows Willenhall & Grand Station Wolverhampton

Indian Bhangra & Hindi song DJ for weddings and events. Local DJ team for Willenhall. Company based in London & West Midlands. A full-time Professional DJ to perform at your function. A  professional team with, Multi Award winning  DJ Raajh DJ Sukhh style is like no other if you know you know. More than just your average DJ with a laptop copying ideas and claiming to be the best. 

Raw Echoes Entertainment

When it comes to Indian weddings, most part-time or weekend DJs simply don’t cut it. But fear not! If you’re looking for high-quality DJ and MC services, Raw Echoes is the company for you. They’ve been setting the standard for DJ performance and training since way back in 1986. While they may not be the biggest, their expertise and skill are truly top-notch. These guys were true wizards on the old-school Technics record players, and their style and talent carry over just as strongly onto newer technologies like laptops and time-coded signal/CD era DJ controllers.


Be it a Bhangra event or a Lavish Indian Bollywood party Raw Echoes DJ and The Willows staff will look after you.  so can enjoy your party as a guest. A truly talented Full time team in house who get rewarded fairly. Raw Echoes DJs have a operate a No Alcohol policy. Raw Echoes can arrange a package with more entertainment i.e. Dhol drummer team, Bhangra dancers, Jago party DJ, Bollywood Dancers and Break dancers for us old skool fans. A lighting and visual delight is possible with a bigger Budget to add the wow factor to any event

Indian Wedding DJ available for Willows London & Willenhall 

Our sound system and lighting are brand new, and we do not have any tatty speakers or worn-out equipment. We ensure that all of our equipment is highly maintained by an external company and undergoes regular servicing and testing to meet work appliance safety standards (PAT test). Additionally, we make sure that our equipment meets our performance standards every weekend.

Indian Wedding DJ available for The Willows London – Willenhall Walsall Wolverhampton

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