Indian Wedding DJ Preston | Imperial Banqueting Preston

The Indian Wedding DJ team journeyed to Preston, where we had the delightful opportunity to showcase our skills at the Imperial Banqueting. A premier wedding and events venue with an enchanting Arabic theme and elegant decor. Situated in Preston, this venue boasts ample on-site and nearby parking, making it a convenient choice for events. With its grandeur, Imperial Banqueting proves to be an ideal setting for large Asian weddings.

Indian Wedding DJ Preston | Panjabi Bhangra

Our setup at this remarkable venue included a massive LED screen. A stunning white LED dance floor adorned with sparklers, and the powerful Raw Echoes sound system. The talented Dj Raajh, along with a skilled singer, was specifically booked to deliver an unforgettable performance at this celebration. The incorporation of these elements not only enhanced the visual appeal but also an immersive and captivating for all guest at Imperial Banqueting.

Imperial Banqueting Preston