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Indian & Asian Weddings Coronavirus Covid19. Contingency plans. Music DJ

In this climate, we are in a unique situation. We all will all have to take actions to safeguard our well being and our guests. You may even have concerns to postpone your big day ( Indian, Asian wedding or a Company Corporate event).

Following health experts and government guidelines are helpful. Stay at home if you have coronavirus symptoms. Stay at home if you have either:

  • a high temperature – you feel hot to touch on your chest or back
  • a new, continuous cough – this means you’ve started coughing repeatedly
  • Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.
  • Self isolates for 14 days.

All the Event Venues & Indian, Asian wedding Music industry will have to be thoughtful and helpful and understanding as much as we can without making a total loss. A contingency plan must be in place as soon as possible with all regarding guests, venues and suppliers. Bollywood Indian Background music is allowed at the Asian wedding reception.

The decision will be with the clients regarding Covid-19 affecting their big day. We are 100% prepared to provide our services. If the client wishes to postpone their events or move the date to a suitable timeframe, we will work with them.

Indian Weddings Coronavirus Covid19 Basic Contingency plans Tips – Advice.

1, Keeping 2-metre distance for each other. Fewer people per table.

2, We always have a request book near the edge of the stage for requests to be written or text Dj

3, We will be using separate microphones for DJ and Speeches. 2 mics will be at al shows/weddings. I/we will use antibacterial wipes for the microphones.

4, A difficult one, We request Clients and guest to keep the distance from the DJs, Stage Equipment. No touching of metal stands or equipment.

5, Singers & Dhol performer will only perform on the stage within a safe distance from all guest.

6, Each Indian DJ will have sanitizer wipes in the equipment vehicle.

7, Try to get a mask for the guest just in case, some may request them.

8, Check with Venue and Banqueting Suites to see what action they are taking. ie Deep cleaning beforehand each event, Proactive actions on the day during the event. ie cleaning and sanitising during the event by cleaners.

9, Check with catering to see what action they are taking and any advice they have told part-time staff and how many times will they briefed.

10, Please make sure all Indian Wedding catering staff are supplied with plenty of gloves/masks for food preparation and while serving guests. It is quite standard practice. All our equipment is wiped down with sanitizers before leaving our unit and once again at the venue once set up.

11. Dj Booth will be set up so a 2-3 metre distance is present from the dancefloor area.

12 Guest will not be allowed near the DJ or onto Stage.

13. No dancing is permitted yet. August 14th 2020. Only first dance of the couple.

Indian, Asian Weddings Coronavirus Covid19 Cancel or Postpone. Refund

Please call us if you have any concerns question. We can also offer a solution for international guest to join in who can’t make it to your celebrations due to the Coronavirus COVID 19.

Please remember ‘Don’t leave al l the actions to the venue management’. None of us has been in or has any experience dealing with a situation like this before. We all have to do our bit to keep everyone safe. So be mindful of yourself and others…

Should I Cancel or Postpone? Postpone. You should not cancel, only request a postponement if need be due to venue/government guidelines to minimise any loss of booking fees.

Will I get a deposit refund due to Covid-19? Venue and supplier do not refund the deposit. (20-50% ) Which is common law practise amongst all commercial industry

If you have paid over 50% deposit towards your big day, then you may be due some refund. This new law during the pandemic, not very clear but only if the venue has cancelled the function due to government guidelines. This can apply to a supplier who has cancelled on you due to the virus issues.

Even after coming out of lockdown, we will need to keep social distaning to safeguard the vulnerable.

If you’re looking to get married in 2020 or later. It may be wise to book suppliers now as you have time on your hands. We have more flexibility with dates than most venues. Then wait to book a venue when we have the all-clear and you also think it is safe for your family and guests.

Any concerns with postponing or even cancelling your Indian wedding with us or need further advice. Get in touch with us. Savvy couples please check wedding insurance. If you have advice or tips to help us to keep improving, please don’t hesitate to contact our Sukh Events Team on 07940 084117 UK

Stay Safe from all at team at Raajh Events – Raw Echoes