Bollywood Film Lighting UK Support Team

Raw Echoes have provided Bollywood Film Shoot Lights. Lighting and Sound Options for various Indian Bollywood Film &  Dance Video Songs. Independent AV company that understands Bollywood Film scene and our Indian culture. Also have been chosen a few times for Bollywood films in London. Including looking over and liaising with a few Lighting Film technical support engineers. Versatile & have Vast experience in Music Video for Indian Bollywood and Bhangra Video Shoot

Bollywood Film Shoot Support | Lights Shoot UK Location – Set – Action – Bhangra Video Makers

Location filming in Watford, Central London Venues and on Leicester Square early in morning. A few the mansions in surrey and the in West Midlands. As well as providing Dance song scene light show. All complimented via a speaker system

  • Bright Lights
  • Disco lights
  • Audio Visual Effects
  • Colour wash lights
  • UV Lights
  • Bollywpood Film Support 
  • Film Shoot Led Screen Studio
  • Moving Beam heads
  • Moving head wash light 
  • Disco Speakers
  • Camera Lights
  • RGB Battery Powered Lights.
  • Special effects.
  • Bollywood DJ
  • Bhangra Video Makers
  • Chauffeurs
  • LED scree Wall backdrops
  • LED video dance floor
  • Stage hire
  • Custom stage designs 
  • Bar Club
  • Private Restaurant
  • Location Shoots
  • Music Video
  • Bollywood Song Video
  • Bhangra Video Shoot
  • Panjabi Song Shoot

Indian film lighting needs are provided by us for Major hits and Producers from India and UK. Many Indian film video shoots happen in London.

Bollywood Film Production support | Equipment rental LONDON – BIRMINGHAM WOLVERHAMPTON 

CALL 0800 4488 008


New Production Equipment 2020

Chauffeur & security transport is available from experienced team.  Chauffeur Luxury Car, Limo or Crew bus are available. A good accommodation hub is available for your team to hire.

A Top Bollywood DJ in the team if need be. Thus offering advice in time demanding situations to get the job done within production budget.


Bollywood Film Lighting

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Bollywood Film Lighting UK | Indian Film Lighting Hire Rental