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If you’ve ever conducted or even attended an Indian event in your family or friends circle then you would know that no event is ever complete without Bhangra music, and dance. Also, as there are different cultures and dance styles in India, the weddings or event here often depict the same. One of the dance styles, very popular is bhangra. Originated in Punjab, this dance is popular for its upbeat music and energetic aura, thus even the bhangra music is composed in such a way that it reflects the energy of the dancers. As old this style of dance is, it is more fascinating to know and understand how traditional dance style got famous all over UK Britain and the world. This 20th-century music got a modern twist in the early years of the 70’s when two brothers named, Balbir Singh Khanpur and Dalbir Singh Khanpur, better know as Bhujhangy Group composed a bhangra song using western instruments. Later on, this style was popularised all around the globe as its mix of traditional music with western instruments and background score made it likeable by several people. So now bhangra dance style is no longer a Punjabi style but rather a global phenomenon.

Now if you are organising an event or a traditional wedding and are looking a bhangra DJ then look no further as the best DJ in town is here, DJ Sukh. With an impeccable taste in music along with a unique style of mixing the bhangra beats with other sounds, DJ Sukh is here to make your event a successful affair. Furthermore, as bhangra is referred to as many types of dances from Punjab, a DJ with wide experience in these types as well is required and DJ Sukh fulfils all of these measures.

Coming back to the wedding, apart from dance and music arrangements, an important part of these events is the big fat Indian wedding catering because the food is one of the most prized possessions in these celebrations. However, as food and celebrations go hand-in-hand with the music, any ceremony, party or festival won’t be complete without an upbeat, fast-paced dance number.

Moving from the wedding to the wedding reception, which is yet another grand affair at Indian weddings. Wedding receptions are the small or big gatherings that the married couple throws for their friends, family, and relatives. It is a big get-together but with big food stalls, music, and bright decorations. As a high energy dance style, Bhangra is also fit for these luxury Indian wedding receptions that newlywed couple hosts. Moreover, parties are never complete without a huge number of people getting together for a big dance number that always starts at a slow pace, pick up pace after sometime and the ends with a huge round of applause for everyone involved.

Lastly, a happy occasion is the best place to be at and if you’re getting a good chance to make an occasion happy, then do not abrogate the bhangra music beats.

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