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Truly Professional ‘Indian DJs’ for Indian & Asian Wedding Receptions in the UK. Indian, Asian wedding DJ. Raw Echoes is the number one choice for any Asian DJ requirement. Book the Best authentic traditional entertainment combined with a Indian style theme. Rocking bhangra tunes or the latest Indian wedding music from our Popular Indian and Bollywood Films. Why Not send your favourite songs. It’s your party so send us a playlist in advance and our Indian DJ will mix it up for you

Described as a ‘Class Above The Rest’ by previous clients and guests within the Bhangra music industry in UK. They offer a traditional but up to date Indian entertainment service that is going to make your wedding reception shine. Make sure you book these Asian DJs with modern effects

This top Asian DJs  road-show experience in UK is ideal for any worldwide Indian Wedding. Be it a Bollywood & Asian wedding reception, corporate event, special occasion or private social gathering. Get them to help you ensure that your event is everything you imagined it.

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If you want to keep cost down and want to cut corners to keep your budget down. Then you may have to reduce your guest list or don’t book extra services that your budget does not allow. Better to have our great wedding DJ/MC then some service that’s not really needed at Indian culture weddings. We advice not to book a service that will make your wedding less enjoyable just to keep cost down. That’s why we offer a premium wedding DJ service. Contact us and get the best you can for your big day.

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We travel to Yorkshire – Leeds, Luton, Nottingham, Manchester – Top Nationwide DJ Service 

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