Stage Lighting

Providing the state of art lighting Show technology. Our events Dmx lighting team can guarantee you with a spectacular breathtaking light show even a custom or generic laser show at your event. Using Moving heads and Led lights to create a programed scene/theme of your choice. Whether its is a wedding, conference meeting, a live concert, or you require a full on Show production with a laser show, our qualified lighting engineers are always on hand to give you the effect you require. Our laser light shows varies from single colour to multi colour lasers.

Our lighting crew have a some of the best lighting effects from the Original Clay Paky Sharpys and the newer 5r, 2R, 1R and the led wash with beehive effects. Led Panels can be set up around the venue on truss stands or ceiling points. Robe moving heads are popular as is the Pointe gobos.

We can also programme some of our lighting to display various different images and text. The possibilities from our light shows are endless, call us today to discuss what we can do for you or simply fill in the enquiry form on the “contact us” page and we will get back to you shortly.

Please ensure the Booked Venues allows the use of Haze machines to enhance show Lightshow or the extra effects booked.


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