Confetti Cannons – Handheld & Confetti Machine

Confetti Guru, Cannon & Effects. Stunning effects for Parties & Weddings

Confetti Guru Company provide us with large Confetti Cannons, Party popper sticks chutes (80cm long). These are used to create amazing effects just like the Pyrotechnics. These confetti cannons chutes are aimed over the audience or couple etc and set off with a small pop in to the air thus shower confetti over the people below when cutting the wedding cake, Confetti first dance at Asian weddings and can be used for new year parties, shows. We use both pyrotechnic but more often manual hand held types of confetti chutes. They Come in gold or silver confetti cannons plus Mixed Multi colour Only. £5 -£10 each. We can arrange custom colour cannons mixed with a choice from green and gold, blue and silver, green and silver, red and gold confetti or a combination from any of these colours.

Confetti is great for Club nights, new years eve events and Christmas  parties. Perfect for weddings ie, cake cutting idea, a first dance and even a grand entrance of the couple. We off the large handheld cannons and the premium Confetti machine option.

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